Julie’s intelligence, generosity, and own writing skill make her an incredibly effective editor. In editing my work, she was able to both identify deep structural elements to strengthen while also pointing out surface issues and asking insightful questions. Working with her is having access to a rigorous mind and a generous spirit.

Ahsan Butt

Julie Sugar has worked with me as a developmental editor many times over the past ten years. I run an education foundation, and Julie has been my trusted editor and advisor on several of our written projects. She is astute and creative with a nuanced understanding of public messaging, which has proved especially helpful with sensitive or challenging material. Julie has also edited my personal academic essays. She quickly zeros in on a draft’s strengths and areas for improvement. Julie asks excellent questions that strengthen and clarify my writing. Knowledgeable and friendly, Julie is my go-to for Jewish-themed intellectual work.

Lindsey Bodner

Julie has an incredibly keen eye for taking written work and highlighting the best elements of the work and redirecting prose to elevate the writing — all while maintaining the writer’s voice. I have worked with Julie on multiple projects from formal professionally specific works to personal storytelling moments. In each of these interactions, Julie has given clear and concise suggestions and feedback that have always enhanced my work. She is professional and timely, with an excellent ability to fuse grammatical redirection and big picture presentation. Writers working with her benefit greatly from her expertise and guidance.

Dr. Baila Hall

Julie is the first person I turn to when I need edits on a piece of fiction. For the last six years, her impeccable eye and unmatched generosity have never failed to elevate my writing.

Trey Adams

Julie Sugar has an incredibly astute editorial eye. She can see, with precision, both the strengths and the areas for improvement in a piece of writing. In a group setting, she is delightful to work with and enters the Zoom room with an open, respectful, and collaborative energy. I have had the good fortune to receive critical feedback from Julie that proved beneficial while editing my manuscript.

Jazmine Aluma

Julie Sugar has been my go-to editor for over a decade. Her feedback is always generous, insightful, and elevates my work without fail. She has the rare ability to frame even the harshest of edits in a way that feels gracious and constructive.

Julia Gazdag

In my 2+ years of receiving notes on my writing from Julie Sugar, I have been nothing short of humbled by her professionalism, her artistic expertise, and her genuine love for each step of the creative process. In the time since we first met at a mutual Jewish writers’ group in early 2020, Julie has provided peer critique on three of my own writing projects, and throughout this period, I have seen her  offer valuable support for myself and several others on multiple stages of the writing process. Julie’s notes are thorough, clear, and most importantly, they are actionable — her feedback just makes sense. Above all else, what makes Julie’s constructive criticism stand out the most is that  the explicit goal of her note-giving is not merely to critique, but to selflessly ensure the best  execution of each writer’s personal creative vision. Julie epitomizes what I see as  every writer’s ideal reader and cheerleader.

Michael Busza

Julie offered detailed feedback on my 160,000-word manuscript, which she read in two draft versions. She was an attentive and dedicated editor, following up written comments with texts and phone calls to discuss her notes and questions. Her insightful, substantive critiques, both line-by-line and at the thematic level, helped me improve my project, and her constant enthusiasm improved my confidence in my work.

— Laura Thompson, writer

I participated in a writing group with Julie Sugar, and benefited greatly from her input. Julie was able to pull back from a piece and discern its goals and essence, and then zoom back in to offer suggestions for adjusting the language or structure to accomplish those goals. Her line editing was always on target, and her feedback delivered with care and gentle confidence. Even after our writing group disbanded, I called on Julie several times to walk me through writing challenges. She helped me conceptualize how to approach a jumble of thoughts I had following a trip to Poland, which I was later able to publish. She helped me restructure a personal essay on a different subject that was then accepted to a major publication (full disclosure: I pulled the essay before publication for personal reasons). I have full confidence in her ability to guide writers in every stage from concept to final editing.

— Julie Gruenbaum Fax, writer

Not only is Julie a careful and insightful editor, she has a great editing “bedside manner” and is encouraging and open-minded with her feedback. Julie is easy to work with because her editing is flexible enough to consider what’s best for a piece and the author, rather than just what she thinks makes for good writing or follows hard-fast editing rules.

— Amy Lutz, writer

As an editor, Julie’s technical observations opened up macro questions of my work — craft observations nudged the heart. Every piece would be better with Julie’s eyes, mind, and humor shaping it.

— Mikaela Ryan, writer

I have worked with Julie Sugar via the MFA program at Antioch University Los Angeles for the past two years. Julie immediately impressed her mentors and workshop teams as being not only a talented writer, but also an extraordinarily skilled, seasoned editor. It was and is our good fortune that Julie is a patient, thorough, and efficient close reader. She has been generous with her comments and made suggestions that have brought clarity and life to her colleagues’ writing.

— Karen Gaul Schulman, writer

My work has had the privilege of going under Julie’s red pen multiple times. Julie is skilled at providing edits and feedback on both a micro and a macro level. She is always invested in the piece and has a keen ability to identify salient points and generate thought-provoking questions while still appreciating the writer’s voice and product. In addition, Julie is an excellent communicator, and always a joy to work with.

— Dr. Lindsay Ripley, writer

Julie is a thoughtful, careful reader, and she is generous with her time. Her notes are encouraging and incisive; she helped me write with a greater awareness of my craft.

— Hannah Tobin Cohen, writer

I had the privilege of being in a workshop with Julie Sugar my first term in Antioch’s MFA program in Creative Nonfiction. Out of all the people in the workshop, including the facilitator, I found that Julie was the one who best “got me.” She tried to understand what the piece wanted to be, and then she asked insightful, probing questions and made wonderful suggestions about how I could get it there. She had a clear vision of what my work could be, and she was able to guide me in a way that left me feeling confident in the revision process. She is also wickedly funny, kind, and generous with her feedback. It was a genuine pleasure working with Julie, and I hope to work with her again in the future!

— Lisa Levy, writer